1 1/2 oz silver tequila

1 oz triple sec

4 oz brewed Happy Hour Blend tea (find here)


rim salt


  1. Brew Tea:  1 round teaspoon per 8 oz cup and steep for 5 minutes. Let cool. (1 round teaspoon will make enough for 2 cocktails.)
  2. Pour some rim salt into rimmer dish or small plate. (Unused salt can be retained for another time.)
  3. Slice lime into wedges.  Use 1 wedge to wet the glass rim. 
  4. Press the rim of the glass into the salt, fill with ice, and set aside to dry while you mix the cocktail.
  5. Fill a cocktail shaker or tall glass with ice.
  6. Add tequila, triple sec, and tea.
  7. Shake well, strain into prepared glass. 
  8. Squeeze a wedge of lime into glass and serve.
Note:  Kosher salt, fine grain sea salt mixed 50-50 with sugar, and Tajin are all great options.
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