FillYourCup seeks to elevate all the moments...the regular, every day ones right alongside the special ones.

Moments like those quiet mornings spent alone with our tea and our thoughts, like those moments we gather with friends over happy hour, and like all of those special gatherings with family. We also love to give the best gifts!

We're here for all of it!

How? By curating the highest quality, whole ingredient, small-batch mixers and teas, adding the tools you need to craft drinks like a pro, and topping it off with some fancy extras like flavored rim sugars and salts, fun napkins, and specialty garnishes.

Drinkers and non-drinkers alike have a place here. Alcohol or not, our drinks can be fancy.

There is a whole big world of history, culture, tradition, ritual, connection, farming, and flavor out there - we can't wait to share!