Pure & Simple - No Alcohol

A hot toddy can be as simple as your favorite tea + citrus + sweetener + spices. A special warm drink for cold nights.

1 brewed cup of hot tea, like one of these

1-2 oz sour mix

1 dried lemon garnish

Add sour mix to hot tea, top with lemon garnish.

Variations: instead of sour mix and lemon garnish, use honey or sugar and fresh sliced lemon or orange. Add cinnamon stick.

Option: brew tea with a couple whole cloves. 


Pears and Cinnamon Whiskey Toddy

1 tsp pears and cinnamon herbal tea, placed in tea bag or strainer

1 1/2 - 2 oz whiskey or bourbon

1 oz simple syrup

Dried lemon garnish

Cinnamon stick

Put all ingredients in a cup and pour boiling water over.

Steep 4 minutes. Discard tea bag or strainer and serve.

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