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Elderflower & Hops Kit

Elderflower & Hops Kit

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Our favorite mixer for all things Spring. Great on its own mixed with your favorite club soda, even better mixed with Gin or Vodka.

Option 1: Our full drink kit includes everything you need to make the perfect mocktail or cocktail. Along with the drink mixer, this kit comes with a cocktail shaker and 1 oz/2 oz jigger. We elevate the drink with lemon rim sugar and dried lemon garnishes. This kit is perfect for both beginners and seasoned mixologists, and it makes a great gift for any cocktail enthusiast.

Option 2: Drink Mixer and Garnishes Only

For those who already have a well-stocked bar and don't need the extra tools, we offer the drink mixer and garnishes only option. This includes a bottle of our elderflower and hops drink mixer and the selection of garnishes mentioned above. This option is perfect for those who want to try our unique flavor without investing in additional bar tools.

Regardless of which option you choose, our elderflower and hops drink mixer is sure to impress. So why wait? Add a bottle to your cart today and elevate your cocktail game to the next level!

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