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Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

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Get your Bloody Mary Bar set up with an Earnest Hemingway inspired Bloody Mary! Harry's Bar in Paris is a well-known favorite haunt of Earnest Hemingway, where he hung out with pals like F. Scott Fitzgerald and enjoyed many a favorite drink, including a Bloody Mary. This mix is a tribute to both the author/imbiber and the Bar, with just enough bold flavor to get your attention. You may just be inspired to write that novel...

Includes 750ml mix, cocktail spoon, 2 garnishes , and 2 rim salts. Mix makes at least 6 drinks, salts make several more.

DIRECTIONS: Use a lemon or lime slice to wet the rim of a highball glass. Empty the rim salt into the metal storage container and press the wet rim in the salt (for the Lemon Salt, use a small plate). Fill glass with ice. Add 4 oz. mixer and 2+ oz vodka or tequila. Garnish with lemon, pickled green beans, celery, sliced peppers, bacon, and anything else you fancy. Top with a squeeze of fresh lemon and/or lime.  

Mocktail version: simply omit the liquor. Extra tasty with a couple tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Just as delicious, and maybe even better for writing that novel.  

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