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Modern Martini Kit - Cosmo and Lemon Drop

Modern Martini Kit - Cosmo and Lemon Drop

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The martini...the original "high class" cocktail. It first became fashionable in Prohibition and glamorized even more in the 1930s and 1940s in the US. The drink, and the glass, became associated with class and elegance, as martinis were served in the best hotel bars and throughout Hollywood movies.

Our version includes stemless glasses; a Scandinavian design from 1949. The traditional v-shaped bowl with a heavy base. Quintessential minimalist design, marrying function with aesthetic. 

The Modern Martini Kit is an easy way to solve your fancy drink-making problem. Offering all the essentials to make two delicious modern martinis like a pro: Cosmo and Lemon Drop.

This kit includes a sour mix, cosmopolitan mix, lemon rim sugar, dried lemon and lime garnishes, 2 stemless martini glasses, and a martini shaker. Drink fancy to feel fancy...

Each mixer makes approximately 5 drinks.

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